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This blog post aims to provide a list of accounting research journals. There are thousands of accounting research journals worldwide.

PhDTalks always advise publishing in reputed and non-predatory research journals. It may be tricky to identify genuine accounting journals for new researchers.

In this post, we have listed genuine accounting journals (Scopus indexed, UGC CARE approved accounting journals, and SCI accounting journals) published by reputed publishers such as Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, etc;

Researchers can click on the journal-title to know the indexing, ranking, and other details of the journals.

List of accounting journals

List of accounting journals

Top accounting journals with Impact Factors

S. No. Journal Title Publisher
1 Journal of Finance Wiley-Blackwell
2 Review of Financial Studies Oxford University Press
3 Journal of Financial Economics Elsevier
4 Journal of Technology Transfer Springer Nature
5 International Journal of Accounting Information Systems Elsevier
6 Journal of Accounting and Economics Elsevier
7 British Accounting Review Elsevier
8 Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal Emerald
9 Journal of Accounting Research Wiley-Blackwell
10 Work, Employment and Society SAGE
11 Accounting Review American Accounting Association
12 Critical Perspectives on Accounting Elsevier
13 Accounting, Organizations and Society Elsevier
14 Review of Accounting Studies Springer Nature
15 Review of Finance Oxford University Press
16 Accounting Forum Taylor & Francis
17 Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Cambridge University Press
18 Contemporary Accounting Research Wiley-Blackwell
19 Fiscal Studies Wiley-Blackwell
20 European Accounting Review Taylor & Francis
Top accounting journals


How to write a research paper for journal publication?

Writing a research paper is an art. It requires rigorous research to write a research paper. This post (how to write a research paper) will help you with writing a quality research paper.

How to send a research paper to a journal?

Almost all accounting-related research journals allow online submission. Visit the homepage of the research journal through its official website. On the homepage, click on paper submission. Through this page, you will be able to submit your research paper along with other details.
Research journals also provide a facility for checking the status of your research paper.

How to check the indexing & ranking of a research paper?

Visit and enter the journal-title into the search box to check all the details of a research journal including indexing of the journal, ranking of the journal, and others.
However, researchers can also visit the official website of Scopus & Web of Science to check the Scopus and Web of Science indexing correspondingly.

Where can I find accounting research papers?

You can find and read research papers from Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Journal Websites, etc;

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