Public Talk: Boss Party better than Jai Balayya

Twitter Talk: Boss Party Better Than Jai Balayya

Social media verdicts are indicative of the reception for a song, trailer, or any promotional material. Here’s what Twitterati have to say about Boss Party and Jai Balayya in comparision.

The talk on Twitter is that Waltair Veerayya’s Boss Party is better than Jai Balayya. Boss Party has a dance number touch while Jai Balayya sounds like an election campaign song.

The public verdict on Twitter is that Boss Party will grow on the listeners and gets better and better as we hear it, while Jai Balayya sounds outdated right from the first listening.

There’s also a comment from many that Thaman has simply copy pasted Osey Ramulamma tune for Jai Balayya song and that is another reason for the bad response for the song.

As things stand, Boss Party has clearly scored over Jai Balayya.

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