UGC CARE list Science journals 2022

UGC CARE list Science journals 2022: This blog post aims to provide a list of UGC CARE-approved Science journals.

UGC-CARE has taken the responsibility of preparing the “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List). The UGC-CARE List has only two groups:

UGC-CARE List Group I UGC-CARE List Group II
Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols. Journals indexed in globally recognized databases: Scopus, Web of Science (AHCI, SSCI, SCIE).
UGCCARE list of journals

In this blog post, we are listing group 1 UGC CARE science journals. There are around 400 UGC CARE-approved Science journals in Group 1.

List of UGC CARE Science journals

Sr.No. Journal Title Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Action
1 Acta Fytotechnica et Zootechnica Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra 1335-258X 1336-9245 Indexed in Scopus
2 Acta Geographica Debrecina Landscape and Environment Series Department of Landscape Protection and Environmental Geography, University of Debrecen 1789-4921 1789-7556 View
3 Acta Graphica Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb 0353-4707 1848-3828 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
4 Acta Universitatis Apulensis Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Alba Iulia 1582-5329 NA Discontinued from Oct. 2020
5 Acta Universitatis Matthiae Belii Series Mathematics Department of Mathematics Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University 1338-712X 1338-7111 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
6 ADBU Journal of Engineering Technology Assam Don Bosco University NA 2348-7305 View
7 Advanced Engineering Forum Trans Tech Publications Inc. 2234-9898 2234-991X View
8 Advanced Materials Research Scientific.Net 1022-6680 1662-8985 View
9 Advanced Science Letters American Scientific Publishers 1936-6612 1936-7317 Discontinued from July 2020
10 Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences Mili Publications 0974-6803 NA View
UGC CARE list Science journals
11 Advances in Agriculture Hindawi Limited 2356-654X 2314-7539 View
12 Advances in Environment Research Techno Press 2234-1722 2234-1730 View
13 Advances in Zoology and Botany Horizon Research Publishing 2331-5083 2331-5091 View
14 African Diaspora Journal of Mathematics Mathematical Research Publisher 1539-854X NA View
15 Afrika Statistika Saint-Louis Senega University 2316-090X NA View
16 Agricultural Research Journal Punjab Agricultural University 2395-1435 2395-146X Indexed in Scopus
17 Agricultural Science Digest Agricultural Research Communication Centre 0253-150X 0976-0547 Indexed in Scopus
18 AIMS Molecular Science AIMS Press NA 2372-0301 View
19 AIS Transactions on Human- Computer Interaction Association for Information Systems NA 1944-3900 Discontinued from April 2021
20 Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences Al Ameen Medical College 0974-1143 NA View
21 Albanian Journal of Mathematics Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Oakland University 1930-1235 NA View
22 Algological Studies Schweizerbart Science Publishers 1864-1318 2363-7080 Discontinued from April 2021
23 Aligarh Journal of Statistics Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Aligarh Muslim University 0971-0388 NA View
24 Analytical Chemistry Letters Taylor and Francis 2229-7928 2230-7532 View
25 Ancient Science of Life AVP Research Foundation 0257-7941 2249-9547 Discontinued from April 2021
26 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity Korean Society of Systematic Zoology 2234-6953 2234-8190 View
27 Annales Mathematiques Blaise Pascal Mathematical laboratory, Blaise Pascal University of Clermont-Ferrand 1259-1734 2118-7436 Indexed in Scopus
28 Annals of Ayurvedic Medicine Society of Ayurvedic Physicians of India 2277-4092 2347-6923 View
29 Annals of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara- International Journal of Engineering Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, University Politehnica Timisoara 1584-2665 1584-2673 Discontinued from July 2020
30 Annals of National Academy of Medical Sciences National Academy of Medical Sciences 2454-5635 2454-5635 View
31 Annals of Plant and Soil Research G. K. V. Society 0972-1959 2347-6036 View
32 Annals of West University of Timisoara- Mathematics and Computer Science Sciendo, De Gruyter NA 1841-3307 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
33 Annals. Food Science and Technology Valahia University Press 2065-2828 2344-4916 View
34 Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture University of Strathclyde 1756-9575 NA View
35 Applied Biological Research Centre for Advancement of Applied Science 0972-0979 0974-4517 View
36 Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences Science and Education Publishing 2328-3912 2328-3920 View
37 Applied Water Science Springer 2190-5487 2190-5495 Indexed in Web of Science
38 Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine Naif Arab University for Security Sciences 1658-6786 1658-6794 Indexed in Scopus
39 Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences Elsevier 1319-5166 NA Indexed in Scopus
40 Arabian Journal of Mathematics Springer 2193-5343 2193-5351 Indexed in Scopus
41 Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences Yenepoya University 2321-4848 2321-6085 View
42 Arctoa: A Journal of Bryology KMK Scientific Press Ltd. 0131-1379 NA Indexed in Scopus
43 Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture 1656-4383 2599-3879 View
44 Asian Journal of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Asian Publication Corporation NA 2456-8937 View
45 Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences Academy of Indian Health Professionals 2350-0964 2349-0659 View
46 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters Taylor and Francis 1674-2834 2376-6123 Indexed in Scopus
47 Autism and Developmental Language Impairments Sage Publications 2396-9415 NA Indexed in Scopus
48 Ayu Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda 0974-8520 0976-9382 View
49 Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources 0771-7706 0975-2412 View
50 Big Data and Society Sage Publications 2053-9517 NA Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
51 Biochemistry Insights Sage Publications 1178-6264 1178-6264 Discontinued from July 2020
52 Bioengineering MDPI 2306-5354 NA Indexed in Scopus
53 Biological Theory Springer 1555-5542 1555-5550 Indexed in Scopus
54 Biotechnology Research and Innovation Elsevier 2452-0721 NA Discontinued from Oct. 2020
55 Blde University Journal of Health Sciences BLDE University 2468-838X 2456-1975 View
56 Botanicheskii Zhurnal Sankt-Peterburgskaya Izdatel’Skaya Firma Nauka 0006-8136 2658-6339 Indexed in Scopus
57 Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution Magnolia Press 2381-9677 2381-9685 View
58 Bulgarian Journal of Physics Heron Press Ltd. 1310-0157 1314-2666 View
59 Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University 1110-0931 NA Discontinued from Jan. 2020
60 Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (print only) Calcutta Mathematical Society 0008-0659 NA View
61 Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America Ecological Society of America NA 2327-6096 View
62 Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin Calcutta Statistical Association 0008-0683 2456-6462 View
63 Canadian Journal of Disability Studies Canadian Studies Disability Association 1929-9192 NA View
64 Case Report in Rheumatology Hindawi Limited 2090-6889 2090-6897 View
65 Caucasian Entomological Bulletin Institute of Arid Zones SSC RAS NA 1814-3326 Indexed in Scopus
66 Chemistry and Biology Interface Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists NA 2249-4820 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
67 Chettinad Health City Medical Journal Chettinad Academy of Research and Education 2277-8845 2278-2044 View
68 Chinese Herbal Medicines Elsevier 1674-6384 2589-3610 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
69 Cogent Environmental Science Taylor and Francis NA 2331-1843 Indexed in Scopus
70 Communications Faculty of Sciences University of Ankara Series A1: Mathematics and Statistics Faculty of Science, Ankara University 1303-5991 2618-6470 View
71 Complex Analysis and its Synergies Springer NA 2197-120X View
72 Computational Methods for Differential Equations University of Tabriz 2345-3982 2383-2533 Discontinued from Jan. 2022
73 Concrete Operators Walter de Gruyter NA 2299-3282 Indexed in Scopus
74 Contraception and Reproductive Medicine BioMed Central Ltd. NA 2055-7426 View
75 Convergent Science Physical Oncology Institute of Physics Publishing NA 2057-1739 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
76 Creative Mathematics and Informatics Depatament of Mathematics and Computer Science, Tehnical University of Cluj- Napoca 1584-286X 1843-441X View
77 Crux Mathematicorum Canadian Mathematical Society 1706-8142 1496-4309 View
78 Cubo, A Mathematical Journal Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of La Frontera 0716-7776 0719-0646 Indexed in Scopus
79 Current Biochemical Engineering Bentham Science Publishers 2212-7119 2212-7127 Discontinued from April 2022
80 Current Botany TathQeef Scientific Publishing NA 2220-4822 View
81 Current Catalysis Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5447 2211-5455 View
82 Current Dermatology Reports Springer NA 2162-4933 Indexed in Scopus
83 Current Green Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 2213-3461 2213-347X View
84 Current Medicine Research and Practice Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 2352-0817 NA View
85 Current Microwave Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 2213-3356 2213-3364 View
86 Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering Elsevier 2468-4511 NA Indexed in Scopus
87 Current Physical Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1877-9468 1877-9476 View
88 Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports Springer NA 2196-3010 Indexed in Scopus
89 Current Traditional Medicine Bentham Science Publishers 2215-0838 2215-0846 Indexed in Scopus
90 Current World Environment Enviro Research Publishers 0973-4929 2320-8031 View
91 Curtis’s Botanical Magazine Royal Botanic Gardens NA 1467-8748 View
92 Data Science and Engineering Springer 2364-1185 2364-1541 Indexed in Scopus
93 Defence Life Science Journal Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre 2456-379X 2456-0537 Indexed in Scopus
94 Differential Geometry- Dynamical Systems Balkan Society of Geometers, Geometry Balkan Press NA 1454-511X View
95 Discussiones Mathematicae- General Algebra and Applications Faculty of Mathematics Computer Science and Econometrics, University of Zielona Gora 1509-9415 2084-0373 Indexed in Scopus
96 Ecology, Economy and Society- the INSEE Journal Indian Society of Ecological Economics 2581-6152 2581-6101 Indexed in Scopus
97 Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Taylor and Francis 2096-4129 2332-8878 Indexed in Scopus
98 Ela Journal of Forestry and Wildlife Ela Foundation 2319-4361 NA View
99 Electronic Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Alexandria University NA 2090-729X View
100 Entomon Association for Advancement of Entomology 0377-9335 NA View
101 Environmental and Experimental Biology University of Latvia 1691-8088 2255-9582 View
102 Eurasian Journal of Forest Science Eurasscience Journals NA 2147-7493 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
103 European Journal of Medicinal Plants Sciencedomain International 2231-0894 NA Discontinued from Feb. 2020
104 Fasciculi Mathematici Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Mathematics 0044-4413 NA View
105 Food Science and Human Wellness Beijing Academy of Food Sciences 2213-4530 NA Indexed in Scopus
106 Fractional Differential Calculus Element d.o.o. 1847-9677 NA View
107 Fungal Biology and Biotechnology BioMed Central Ltd. 2054-3085 NA Indexed in Scopus
108 Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Future University in Egypt 2314-7245 2314-7253 View
109 Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing Tver State University 1819-4362 NA View
110 Ganita Bharata Ganita Parishada 0046-5402 NA View
111 Gardens Bulletin Singapore National Parks Board, Singapore Botanic Gardens 0374-7859 2382-5812 View
112 Genomics and Computational Biology Johannes Gutenberg University NA 2365-7154 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
113 Geographical Review of India The Geographical Society of India 0375-6386 NA View
114 Gravitational and Space Research American Society for Gravitational and Space Research NA 2332-7774 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
115 Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University 0250-5193 NA View
116 Gulf Journal of Mathematics Canadian University of Dubai NA 2309-4966 View
117 Hardy Ramanujan Journal Hardy- Ramanujan Society NA NA View
118 Hepatoma Research OAE Publishing Inc. 2394-5079 2454-2520 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
119 High Voltage Institution of Engineering and Technology NA 2397-7264 Indexed in Web of Science
120 Hill Geographer Geographical Society of the North-Eastern Hill Region 0970-5023 NA View
121 Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine 0974-1291 NA View
122 Horticultural Plant Journal KeAi Publishing Communications Ltd 2095-9885 2468-0141 Indexed in Scopus
123 ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology ICT Academy 0976-0091 2229-6948 View
124 ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing ICT Academy 0976-9099 0976-9102 View
125 ICTACT Journal on Microelectronics ICT Academy 2395-1672 2395-1680 View
126 ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing ICT Academy 0976-6561 2229-6956 View
127 IET Cyber- Physical Systems: Theory and Applications Institution of Engineering and Technology NA 2398-3396 Indexed in Scopus
128 Indian Dermatology Online Journal Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists 2229-5178 2249-5673 View
129 Indian Hydrobiology Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology, Madras Christian College 0971-6548 NA View
130 Indian Journal of Aerobiology Indian Aerobiological Society 0971-1546 NA View
131 Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing Indian Society of Agricultural Marketing 0971-8664 2456-8716 View
132 Indian Journal of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Indian College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology 0972-6691 2320-4745 View
133 Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition Animal Nutrition Society of India 0970-3209 2231-6744 View
134 Indian Journal of Continuing Nursing Education College of Nursing, Christian Medical College 2230-7354 2666-8246 View
135 Indian Journal of Dairy Science Indian Dairy Association 0019-5146 2454-2172 View
136 Indian Journal of Dental Sciences Himachal Pradesh University 0976-4003 2231-2293 View
137 Indian Journal of Discrete Mathematics Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications NA 2455-5819 View
138 Indian Journal of Geography and Environment Department of Geography and Environment Management, Vidyasagar University 0972-7388 NA View
139 Indian Journal of Geosciences Geological Survey of India 2229-3574 2582-3485 View
140 Indian Journal of Gerontology Indian Gerontological Association 0971-4189 NA View
141 Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology Springer 2363-8397 2363-8400 Indexed in Scopus
142 Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU KLE University 2542-6214 2542-6222 View
143 Indian Journal of Hill Farming Indian Association of Hill Farming 0970-6429 NA View
144 Indian Journal of Pain Indian Society for Study of Pain 0970-5333 2321-7820 View
145 Indian Journal of Physical Therapy and Research KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy Belagavi 2666-3481 2666-349X View
146 Indian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Indian Society of Psychiatric Nurses 2231-1505 2666-528X View
147 Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS Indian Association for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2589-0557 2589-0565 Indexed in Scopus
148 Indian Journal of Small Ruminants Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization 0971-9857 0973-9718 Indexed in Scopus
149 Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology Association of Sugarcane Technologists of India 0970-3233 NA View
150 Indian Obstetrics and Gynaecology Apeejay Stya Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2455-6017 NA View
151 Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences NA 2249-1023 Discontinued from July 2021
152 Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia 2355-7079 2406-8195 Indexed in Scopus
153 Industrial Engineering Journal Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering 0970-2555 NA View
154 INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Lavras NA 1982-3363 View
155 Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA Oxford University Press 2049-8764 2049-8772 Indexed in Scopus
156 Integers Colgate University and Charles University NA 1553-1732 Indexed in Scopus
157 International Journal of Advanced Medical and Health Research Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research 2349-4220 2350-0298 View
158 International Journal of Advanced Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing IGI Global 1937-965X 1937-9668 View
159 International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Springer 0975-0770 0975-5616 View
160 International Journal of Agricultural System Graduate School, Hasanuddin University 2337-9782 2580-6815 View
161 International Journal of Agricultural Technology Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia 2630-0613 2630-0192 Indexed in Scopus
162 International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research Basic Medical Scientists Association 2229-516X 2250-2858 View
163 International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology Asian Exercise and Sports Science Association 2322-3537 NA Discontinued from Jan. 2020
164 International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering IGI Global 2155-4153 2155-4161 View
165 International Journal of Applied Logistics IGI Global 1947-9573 1947-9581 View
166 International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science Inderscience Publishers 1752-2862 1752-2870 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
167 International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction International Association for Sustainable Development and Management 1911-110X 1911-1118 View
168 International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Inderscience Publishers 1755-4950 1755-4969 View
169 International Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering IGI Global 2161-1610 2161-1629 View
170 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies Inderscience Publishers 1755-4977 1755-4985 View
171 International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering 1793-8201 NA View
172 International Journal of Computer Vision and Image Processing IGI Global 2155-6997 2155-6989 View
173 International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics IGI Global 1947-3117 1947-3125 View
174 International Journal of Data Science and Analytics Springer 2364-415X 2364-4168 Indexed in Scopus
175 International Journal of Design Engineering Inderscience Publishers 1751-5882 1751-5874 View
176 International Journal of Digital Curation Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh NA 1746-8256 View
177 International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence IGI Global 1947-3494 1947-3508 View
178 International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences National Institute of Ecology 0377-015X 2320-5199 View
179 International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology Society of Economic Geologists and Mineral Technologists, Department of Geology, University of Karachi NA 2223-957X Discontinued from July 2020
180 International Journal of Electrochemistry Hindawi Limited 2090-3529 2090-3537 View
181 International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering IGI Global 2160-9500 2160-9543 View
182 International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences Global E smart Technologies 2319-1775 2320-7876 View
183 International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering Springer 2199-9260 2199-9279 Indexed in Scopus
184 International Journal of Green Computing IGI Global 1948-5018 1948-5026 View
185 International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development IGI Global 1935-5661 1935-567X View
186 International Journal of Information Security Science Department of Computer Engineering, Gazi University NA 2147-0030 View
187 International Journal of Information Technology Springer 2511-2104 2511-2112 Indexed in Scopus
188 International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering NA 2306-708X View
189 International Journal of Insect Science Sage Publications 1179-5433 1179-5433 Discontinued from July 2020
190 International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking IGI Global 1941-8663 1941-8671 View
191 International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation Inderscience Publishers 2056-9467 2056-9459 Indexed in Scopus
192 International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology 1793-8198 NA Discontinued from Jan. 2022
193 International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Centre for Environment and Socio- Economic Research Publications 0974-7117 0973-8347 View
194 International Journal of Monitoring and Surveillance Technologies Research IGI Global 2166-7241 2166-725X View
195 International Journal of Nano Dimension Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon Branch 2008-8868 2228-5059 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
196 International Journal of Next- Generation Computing Perpetual Innovation 2229-4678 0976-5034 View
197 International Journal of Operations Research Department of Management Sciences, TamKang University 1813-713X 1813-7148 View
198 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation Phcog.Net 2230-973X 2230-9713 View
199 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research MRI Publication Pvt. Ltd. NA 0975-248X View
200 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology Pharma Book Syndicate NA 0974-3278 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
201 International Journal of Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships IGI Global 2379-7487 2379-7479 View
202 International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology Inderscience Publishers 1757-3971 1757-398X View
203 International Journal of Statistics and Reliability Engineering Indian Association for Reliability and Statistics 2350-0174 2456-2378 View
204 International Journal of Yoga Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana 0973-6131 2231-2714 View
205 International Research Journal of Plant Science International Research Journals Publishing House 2141-5447 NA Discontinued from April 2022
206 Involve: A Journal of Mathematics  Mathematical Sciences Publishers 1944-4176 1944-4184 Indexed in Scopus
207 Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry University of Kashan 2226-6489 2008-9015 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
208 IRCF Journal Reptiles and Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History The International Reptile Conservation Foundation 2330-3956 2332-4961 View
209 Isecure- The ISC International Journal of Information Security Iranian Society of Cryptography 2008-2045 2008-3076 View
210 ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology Indian Society of Earthquake Technology 0972-0405 NA View
211 Jahan- e- Tib Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine 0974-1372 NA View
212 Jnanabha Vijnana Parishad of India 0304-9892 2455-7463 View
213 Journal of Academy of Dental Education Scientific Scholar Pvt. Ltd. 2348-1595 2348-2621 View
214 Journal of Advanced Mathematical Studies Fair Partners Society for the Promotion of Science 2065-3506 2065-5851 View
215 Journal of Advanced Scientific Research Sciensage NA 0976-9595 Discontinued from Jan. 2022
216 Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies Aeronautical Society of India 0972-950X NA View
217 Journal of Algebra and Related Topics Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Guilan 2345-3931 2382-9877 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
218 Journal of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing All India Institute of Speech and Hearing 0973-662X 2582-4961 View
219 Journal of Animal Ethics University of Illinois Press 2156-5414 2160-1267 View
220 Journal of Applied Biology and Biotechnology Open Science Publishers 2455-7005 2347-212X Discontinued from Sept. 2019
221 Journal of Applied Geochemistry Indian Society of Applied Geochemists 0972-1967 NA View
222 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics Institute of Mathematics, Czestochowa University of Technology 2299-9965 2353-0588 View
223 Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala 2321-340X NA View
224 Journal of Ayurveda National Institute of Ayurveda, Deemed to be University (De-novo) 2321-0435 2582-7693 View
225 Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature Taylor and Francis 2231-1866 2231-1874 Indexed in Scopus
226 Journal of Bioresources Rajiv Gandhi University, Center with Potential for Excellence in Biodiversity 2394-4315 2582-2276 View
227 Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment OAE Publishing Inc. 2394-4722 2454-2857 Indexed in Scopus
228 Journal of Cellular Immunotherapy Shanghai Hengrun Biomedical Technology Research Institute 2352-1775 NA Discontinued from July 2020
229 Journal of Classical Analysis Element d.o.o. 1848-5979 1848-5987 View
230 Journal of Climate Change IOS Press 2395-7611 2395-7697 View
231 Journal of Construction Management National Institute of Construction Management and Research 0970-3675 NA View
232 Journal of Dental Research and Review Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth 2348-2915 2348-3172 View
233 Journal of Dental Research Dental Clinics Dental Prospects Tabriz University of Medical Sciences 2008-210X 2008-2118 View
234 Journal of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Saudi Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery 2352-2410 2352-2429 View
235 Journal of Diabetology Diabetes In Asia Study Group 2543-3288 2078-7685 View
236 Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law 1558-7215 1558-7223 View
237 Journal of Drug Research In Ayurvedic Sciences Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences 2279-0357 2581-8295 View
238 Journal of Dynamical Systems and Geometric Theories Taylor and Francis 1726-037X 2169-0057 View
239 Journal of Epilepsy Research Korean Epilepsy Society 2233-6249 2233-6257 View
240 Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences Horizon Publisher India NA 2320-8694 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
241 Journal of Family and Community Medicine Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine 2230-8229 2229-340X Indexed in Scopus
242 Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care Family Medicine and Primary Care Trust 2249-4863 2278-7135 View
243 Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment WFL Publisher Ltd. 1459-0255 1459-0263 View
244 Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences Indian Association of Forensic Odontology 0975-1475 0975-2137 View
245 Journal of Forensic Medicine Science and Law Medicolegal Association of Maharashtra 2277-1867 2277-8853 View
246 Journal of Fractional Calculus and Applications Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Alexandria University 2090-584X 2090-5858 View
247 Journal of Fungi MDPI NA 2309-608X Indexed in Scopus
248 Journal of Geomatics Indian Society of Geomatics 0976-1330 NA View
249 Journal of Geophysics Association of Exploration Geophysicists 0257-1412 NA View
250 Journal of Geosciences Research The Gondwana Geological Society 2455-1953 NA View
251 Journal of Geriatric Mental Health Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health 2348-9995 2395-3322 View
252 Journal of Global Resources Institute of Sustainable Development, Environmental and Scientific Research 2395-3160 2455-2445 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
253 Journal of Himalayan Ecology and Sustainable Development Department of Environmental Science, University of Kashmir 0973-7502 NA View
254 Journal of Hyperstructures University of Mohaghegh Ardabili 2251-8436 2322-1666 View
255 Journal of Immunology and Immunopathology Society for Immunology and Immunopathology 0972-0561 0973-9149 View
256 Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry Indian Assiciation of Public Health Dentistry 2319-5932 2350-0484 View
257 Journal of Indian College of Cardiology Indian College of Cardiology 1561-8811 2213-3615 View
258 Journal of Indian Geomorphology Indian Institute of Geomorphologists 2320-0731 NA View
259 Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society Sage Publications 0301-5742 0974-9098 View
260 Journal of Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association Indian Speech and Hearing Association 0974-2131 2348-5078 View
261 Journal of Indian Water Works Association Indian Water Works Association 0970-275X NA View
262 Journal of Insect Biodiversity Ataturk University 2147-7612 NA Indexed in Scopus
263 Journal of International Clinical Dental Research Organisation International Clinical Dental Research Organisation 2231-0754 2231-5357 View
264 Journal of Laboratory Physicians The Indian Association of Laboratory Physicians 0974-2727 0974-7826 View
265 Journal of Linear and Topological Algebra Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University 2252-0201 2345-5934 View
266 Journal of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical sciences 0971-9903 2347-1948 View
267 Journal of Marine Medical Society Marine Medical Society of India 0975-3605 2589-1235 View
268 Journal of Mathematical Computational Science SCIK Publishing Corporation 1927-5307 NA Discontinued from Scopus
269 Journal of Mathematical Extension Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch 1735-8299 2476-7719 Discontinued from April 2022
270 Journal of Mathematical Research with Applications Dalian University of Technology and China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2095-2651 NA View
271 Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Department of Microbiology, Fatih University 2146-3158 2146-9369 Discontinued from Oct. 2021
272 Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure Saudi Society of Microscopes NA 2213-8803 Indexed in Scopus
273 Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology 0971-9393 0975-4180 View
274 Journal of Mycopathological Research Indian Mycological Society 0971-3719 NA View
275 Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry Springer 2008-9244 2193-8865 Indexed in Web of Science
276 Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization: Theory and Applications Department of Mathematics, Naresuan University 1906-9685 NA View
277 Journal of Oilseed Brassica Society for Rapeseed- Mustard Research 0976-1454 2230-7753 View
278 Journal of Oilseeds Research Indian Society of Oilseeds Research 0970-2776 NA View
279 Journal of Optimization Hindawi Limited 2356-752X 0231-4648 Discontinued from April 2021
280 Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology School of Dentistry 2321-3841 2321-385X View
281 Journal of Partial Differential Equations Global Science Press 1000-940X 2079-732X View
282 Journal of Pediatric Critical Care Indian Academy of Pediatrics 2349-6592 2455-7099 View
283 Journal of Physics Communications Institute of Physics Publishing NA 2399-6528 Indexed in Scopus
284 Journal of Postharvest Technology Department of Food Science and Postharvest Technology, Bihar Agricultural University NA 2348-4330 View
285 Journal of Proteins and Proteomics Proteomics Society of India 0975-8151 2524-4663 View
286 Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Taylor and Francis NA 1687-8507 Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
287 Journal of Rajasthan Academy of Physical Sciences Rajasthan Academy of Physical Sciences 0972-6306 NA View
288 Journal of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences 2456-5601 2581-9895 View
289 Journal of Science of Healing Outcomes World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences 2347-8438 NA View
290 Journal of Scientific Research Faculty of Sciences, Rajshahi University 2070-0237 2070-0245 View
291 Journal of Scientific Research Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University 0447-9483 NA Discontinued from April 2022
292 Journal of Scientific Temper National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources 2278-2788 2278-2796 View
293 Journal of Self- Assembly and Molecular Electronics River Publishers 2245-4551 2245-8824 Discontinued from Jan. 2022
294 Journal of Soils and Crops Association of Soils and Crop Research Scientists 0971-2836 2582-2756 View
295 Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops Indian Society for Spices 0971-3328 NA View
296 Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications Springer NA 2195-5832 Indexed in Scopus
297 Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications Atlantis Press 1538-7887 2214-1766 Indexed in Scopus
298 Journal of Statistics Applications and Probability Natural Sciences Publishing 2090-8423 2090-8431 Indexed in Scopus
299 Journal of Stress Physiology and Biochemistry Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry NA 1997-0838 View
300 Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy Springer 2199-3823 2199-3831 Indexed in Scopus
301 Journal of Sustainable Mining Elsevier 2300-3960 NA Indexed in Scopus
302 Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment American Society of Civil Engineers NA 2379-6111 Indexed in Scopus
303 Journal of Taibah University for Science Elsevier NA 1658-3655 Indexed in Web of Science
304 Journal of the Botanical Society of Bengal Botanical Society of Bengal 0971-2976 NA View
305 Journal of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (print only) Calcutta Mathematical Society 2231-5314 NA View
306 Journal of the Chungcheong Mathematical Society The Chungcheong Mathematical Society 1226-3524 2383-6245 View
307 Journal of the French Statistical Society Societe Francaise De Statistique NA 2102-6238 View
308 Journal of the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijic” SASA Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” SASA 0350-7599 1821-2808 Indexed in Scopus
309 Journal of the Indian Association of Sedimentologists Indian Association of Sedimentologists 0970-3268 2582-2020 View
310 Journal of the Indian Society for Probability and Statistics Indian Society for Probability and Statistics NA 2364-9569 View
311 Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Indian Council of Agricultural Research 0974-0228 NA Indexed in Scopus
312 Journal of the Indian Statistical Association Indian Statistical Association 0537-2585 NA View
313 Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society Indonesian Mathematical Society 2086-8952 2460-0245 View
314 Journal of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education Series B: The Pure and Applied Mathematics The Korean Society of Mathematical Education 1226-0657 2287-6081 View
315 Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India The Marine Biological Association of India 0025-3146 2321-7898 View
316 Journal of Traditional and Folk Practices Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute 2278-5906 NA View
317 Journal of Tropical Forestry and Environment Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura 2235-9370 2235-9362 View
318 Journal of Tropical Life Science Universitas Brawijava 2087-5517 2527-4376 Indexed in Scopus
319 Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University 0971-0701 2582-0605 View
320 Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society 2476-7204 2476-6615 Indexed in Scopus
321 Journal on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics International Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics 1690-4532 1690-4524 Discontinued from July 2020
322 Karbala International Journal of Modern Science University of Karbala 2405-609X 2405-6103 Indexed in Scopus
323 Kavaka Mycological Society of India 0379-5179 NA View
324 Khayyam Journal of Mathematics Tusi Mathematical Research Group and Department of Pure Mathematics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad NA 2423-4788 Indexed in Scopus
325 Kobe Journal of Mathematics Kobe University 0289-9051 NA View
326 Korean Journal of Mathematics Kangwon-Kyungki Mathematical Society 1976-8605 2288-1433 View
327 Lignocellulose Department of Cellulose and Paper Technology, Shahid Beheshti University 2322-1577 2252-0287 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
328 Malaya Journal of Matematik University Press 2319-3786 2321-5666 Discontinued from April 2021
329 Malaysian Journal of Chemistry Institute Kimia Malaysia NA 2550-1658 Indexed in Scopus
330 Mapana Journal of Sciences CHRIST Deemed to be University 0975-3303 NA View
331 Maritime Affairs: Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India Taylor and Francis 0973-3159 1946-6609 Indexed in Scopus
332 Mathematical and Computational Applications MDPI 1300-686X 2297-8747 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
333 Mathematical Forum The Registrar, Dibrugarh University 0972-9852 NA View
334 Mathematical Sciences Springer 2008-1359 2251-7456 Indexed in Web of Science
335 Mathematical Sciences and Applications E- Notes Mathematical Sciences and Applications E- Notes NA 2147-6268 Discontinued from Feb. 2020
336 Mathematics in Engineering, Science and Aerospace Cambridge Scientific Publishers 2041-3165 0204-1316 Indexed in Scopus
337 Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes Springer NA 2198-7874 Discontinued from April 2021
338 Medical Journal of Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth 2589-8302 2589-8310 Indexed in Scopus
339 Medical Sciences MDPI NA 2076-3271 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
340 MGM Journal of Medical Sciences MGM Institute of Health Sciences 2347-7946 2347-7962 View
341 Microbiology Insights Sage Publications 1178-6361 1178-6361 View
342 Microorganisms MDPI NA 2076-2607 Indexed in Web of Science
343 Nano Convergence Springer NA 2196-5404 Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
344 Nanocomposites Taylor and Francis 2055-0324 2055-0332 Indexed in Scopus
345 Nanomaterials and Energy ICE Publishing 2045-9831 2045-984X Discontinued from April 2022
346 Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics 2220-8054 2305-7971 Indexed in Scopus
347 National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery Maxillofacial Society of India 0975-5950 2229-3418 Indexed in Scopus
348 Natural Products and Bioprospecting Springer 2192-2195 2192-2209 Indexed in Scopus
349 Nelumbo (The Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India) Botanical Survey of India 0976-5069 2455-376X View
350 Neotropical Biodiversity Taylor and Francis NA 2376-6808 Indexed in Scopus
351 New Disease Reports British Society for Plant Pathology 2044-0588 NA Indexed in Scopus
352 New Zealand Journal of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, The University of Auckland NA 1179-4984 Indexed in Scopus
353 New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy Physiotherapy New Zealand 0303-7193 2230-4886 Indexed in Scopus
354 Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy NA 1118-6267 Discontinued from July 2021
355 Notulae Scientia Biologicae Horticulture and Forestry Society, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine NA 2067-3264 Indexed in Scopus
356 Opec Energy Review Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries NA 1753-0237 Indexed in Scopus
357 Open Journal of Psychiatry and Allied Sciences Academy Publisher 2394-2053 2394-2061 View
358 ORYZA- An International Journal on Rice Association of Rice Research Workers 0474-7615 2249-5266 View
359 Palaeovertebrata Department of Paleontology, Institut des Sciences de l’ Evolution 0031-0247 2274-0333 View
360 Paleobios University of California NA 0031-0298 View
361 Personalized Medicine Universe International Society of Personalized Medicine 2186-4950 NA View
362 Philosophy, Theory and Practice in Biology Michigan Publishing 1949-0739 2475-3025 View
363 Physics Education Indian Association of Physics Teachers NA 0970-5953 View
364 Plant Biotechnology Institute of Plant Biotechnology, Central University “Marta Abreu” 1609-1841 2074-8647 View
365 Proceeding in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics GAMM- Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics NA 1617-7061 View
366 Proceedings of the Zoological Society Springer 0373-5893 0974-6919 Indexed in Scopus
367 Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems Springer 2367-2617 2367-0983 Indexed in Scopus
368 Punjab University Journal of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, University of Punjab 1016-2526 NA View
369 Purakala (print only) Rock Art Society of India 0971-2143 NA View
370 Radiation Protection and Environment Indian Association for Radiation Protection 0972-0464 2250-0995 View
371 Ratio Mathematica Academy of Piceno Aprutina Dei Velati 1592-7415 2282-8214 View
372 Record of the Zoological Survey of India Zoological Survey of India Kolkata 0375-1511 2581-8686 View
373 Reinwardtia Research Center for Biology- LIPI 0034-365X 2337-8824 Indexed in Scopus
374 Reliability: Theory and Applications Gnedenko Forum NA 1932-2321 Indexed in Scopus
375 Research and Reviews: A journal of Pharmaceutical Science STM Journals NA 2229-7006 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
376 Research and Reviews: A Journal of Toxicology STM Journals 2349-1264 2231-3834 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
377 Research and Reviews: Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences Research and Reviews 2319-9857 2347-226X Discontinued from April 2022
378 Research in Ornithology Page Press 0035-6875 2385-0833 View
379 Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences- An International Journal Centre for Advanced Research in Agricultural Sciences 0976-1675 2249-4538 View
380 Research Journal of Textile and Apparel Emerald Publishing Limited 1560-6074 2515-8090 Indexed in Scopus
381 Review of Agrarian Studies Foundation for Agrarian Studies 2248-9002 NA View
382 Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education Department of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education, University of Patras 1791-261X 1792-3999 View
383 Rheumatology and Therapy Springer 2198-6576 2198-6584 Indexed in Web of Science
384 Romanian Journal of Biology- Zoology Institute of Biology, Romanian Academy 2248-3799 1843-7761 View
385 Romanian Journal of Biophysics Romanian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics 1220-515X 1843-424X View
386 Rubber Science Rubber Research Institute of India 2454-4841 2454-485X View
387 SA Heart Journal South African Heart Association 1996-6741 2071-4602 View
388 SAARC Journal of Agriculture SAARC Agriculture Centre 1682-8348 2312-8038 View
389 Samriddhi: A Journal of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Institute of Technology, School of Management Sciences 2229-7111 2454-5767 View
390 Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences Springer 1982-6907 2316-9028 Indexed in Scopus
391 Sarajevo Journal of Mathematics Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1840-0655 2233-1964 View
392 Scandinavian Journal of Forensic Science Danish Society of Forensic Medicine NA 2353-0707 View
393 Science and Technology Journal Mizoram University 2321-3388 NA View
394 Scientific Studies and Research, Series Mathematics and Informatics Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau 2457-497X 2067-3566 Discontinued from July 2021
395 Sema Journal Springer 2254-3902 2281-7875 Indexed in Scopus
396 Serdica Mathematical Journal Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics 1310-6600 NA View
397 Shape Memory and Superelasticity Springer 2199-384X 2199-3858 Indexed in Scopus
398 South East Asian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences Ramanujan Society of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 0972-7752 NA View
399 Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics Department of Mathematics, Yunnan University 0129-2021 0219-175X View
400 Sri Lanka Journal of Psychiatry Sri Lanka College of Psychiatry 2012-6883 2579-2008 View
401 SRM Journal of Research in Dental Sciences SRM Dental College, SRM Institute of Science and Technology 2772-5243 2772-5251 View
402 Statistica Department of Statistical Sciences Paolo Fortunato, University of Bologna 0390-590X 1973-2201 View
403 Statistics and Applications Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications NA 2454-7395 View
404 Stochastic Modeling and Applications MUK Publications and Distributions 0972-3641 NA View
405 Sustainability, Agri, Food and Environmental Research Universidad Catolica de Temuco 0719-3726 NA View
406 TANG [Humanitas Medicine] Association of Humanitas Medicine NA 2233-8985 Discontinued from July 2021
407 The Electronic International Journal Advanced Modeling and Optimization Research Institute for Informatics NA 1841-4311 Discontinued from Oct. 2020
408 The Holistic Approach to Environment Association for Promotion of Holistic Approach to Environment NA 1848-0071 View
409 The Horological Journal British Horological Institute 0018-5108 NA View
410 The Indian Fern Journal Indian Fern Society 0970-2741 NA Discontinued from Sept. 2019
411 The Indian Forester Indian Forester 0019-4816 NA View
412 The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women 2348-621X 0022-3174 View
413 The Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy All India Occupational Therapists’ Association NA 2773-1073 View
414 The Journal of Analysis Forum D’ Analystes NA 2367-2501 Indexed in Scopus
415 The Journal of Community Informatics The Journal of Community Informatics 1712-4441 NA View
416 The Journal of Cytology and Genetics (print only) Society of Cytologists and Geneticists 0253-7605 NA View
417 The Journal of Indian Geophysical Union Indian Geophysical Union 0971-9707 0257-7968 Discontinued from Sept. 2019
418 The Journal of Plant Science Research Prints Publication Pvt. Ltd. 0970-2539 0976-3880 View
419 The Journal of Research ANGRAU Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University 0970-0226 NA View
420 The Journal of the Indian Botanical Society Indian Botanical Society 0019-4468 2455-7218 View
421 The Journal of the Numismatic Society of India (print only) Numismatic Society of India, Banaras Hindu University 0029-6066 NA View
422 The Journal of The Orchid Society of India The Orchid Society of India 0971-5371 NA View
423 The Mathematical Gazette Cambridge University Press 0025-5572 2056-6328 Indexed in Scopus
424 The Mathematics Educator Association of Mathematics Educators 0218-9100 NA Discontinued from July 2021
425 The Mathematics Student Indian Mathematical Society 0025-5742 NA Indexed in Scopus
426 The Nucleus Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology 0029-5698 2306-6539 View
427 The Ring Sciendo, De Gruyter NA 2083-3520 View
428 Thematics Journal of Geography Thematic Publication 2277-2995 NA Discontinued from Jan. 2020
429 Topological Algebra and its Applications Walter de Gruyter NA 2299-3231 View
430 Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering Indian National Academy of Engineering 2662-5415 2662-5423 View
431 Transactions on Combinatorics University of Isfahan 2251-8657 2251-8665 Indexed in Scopus
432 Tropical Plant Research Society for Tropical Plant Research 2349-9265 2349-1183 Discontinued from Jan. 2020
433 Tuberculosis Research and Treatment Hindawi Limited 2090-150X 2090-1518 View
434 TWMS Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Turkic World Mathematical Society 2076-2585 2219-1259 Indexed in Web of Science
435 Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology Uttar Pradesh Zoological Society 0256-971X NA Discontinued from Jan. 2022
436 Vietnam Journal of Computer Science World Scientific Publishing 2196-8888 2196-8896 View
437 Water History Springer 1877-7236 1877-7244 View
438 Water Science National Water Research Center 1110-4929 2357-0008 Indexed in Scopus
439 Women’s Reproductive Health Taylor and Francis 2329-3691 2329-3713 Indexed in Scopus
440 World Journal of Chemical Education Science and Education Publishing 2375-1665 2375-1657 View

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